SMART ID closed on December 31, 2018


    Thank you Runners! You made my dream come true.

    How it began

    I started my company because I couldn't find an ID product that didn't:

    - interfere with running 

    -cost an arm and a leg

    -bounce around

    -get wet and unreadable

    So I created SMART ID.


    Working with wonderful customers

    I loved the challenge of customizing SMART IDS to meet your needs:

    - for orders in the 1000's 

    - small stores and training groups

    -filling individual orders

    Now it is time to move on to the next challenge

    To say things have changed since I started the company is an understatement. From print ads to the "interwebs" to social media or antisocial media depending on who is using it, I am ready to step away from running a business. I have enjoyed "meeting" everyone on the phone, online, in person and by mail.  

    I will have some inventory after the closing while it lasts. 

    Run Safe, RUN SMART...


    If I can answer any questions,

    Call, email or write: Gail Sabanosh

    SMART ID says Thank You for 24 years

    (888)540-9829 toll free for questions
    540 W. 18th St.
    Houston, TX 77008